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QuikShade® Australia started in 1985, making quality pop up gazebos and marquees. Ian McKinnon made the prototype, and the patent was applied for in 1987. We are proud of our Australian made products; we produce strong, sturdy, durable and long-lasting pop-up gazebos and marquees.


Please take a look at our fantastic pop-up banners and A-Frames! QuikShade® supplies to many sports clubs, groups, etc. As soon as you take it out of its carry bag and release your grip, it pops into shape in a matter of a few seconds. These will most certainly make a great impression, easy to use and versatile, a must-have for so many!


QuikShade® Australia

Our instant portable shades and shelters have protected people and equipment against the harsh Australian climate for nearly 30 years. We manufacture our products in Casino, NSW.

QuikShade® Australia will guarantee your satisfaction, saving you time and money, proved with a 20-year lifetime frame warranty.

If QuikShade® have not met your expectations, we will refund your investment without hesitation. We are a one-stop shop with guaranteed results that only a manufacturer can supply.

We provide our folding gazebos and marquees all across Australia, so if you require a marquee in Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin or beyond - call our sales team today 1800 678 982

QuikShade Australia

What Customers Think

Yamaha Racing

yamaha-racingYamaha Queensland handed over a blue QuikShade® with a White Yamaha logo way back at the end of the 1997 season. I’m still using that very same tent today, without any modifications, damage or faults. It has been everywhere from Perth, to Darwin, Melbourne to Cairns and stands the test of time and the rear of a motocross van.

So when I came about organising the Yamaha Queensland Race teams and wanted to have a bold presence in the pits and something that would last out more than just one season, the QuikShade® Tent was the only option. QuikShade® offers a great construction, value for money, easy to erect, no fuss tents and shades that look great and work all day, every day.

Scott Bishop – Team Manager

ApexActive Motorsport

Really delighted with the ease of putting up the tent and how strong it
was when the wind blew up during the day. I will recommend your tents to my motorsport clients.”

Doug Stuart

Billabong Australia

To whom it may concern,

Billabong has worked with a number of other portable shade brands. From previous experiences dealing with other sponsors products supplied to competitions across Australia and overseas, we prefer, choose and recommend the QuikShade® Australia brand.

Through these experiences we have found QuikShade® to meet our heavy demands in touring, branding and protection. It’s built to withstand tougher conditions by the sea. Due to the superior construction I believe the aluminium rolled edges in the frame have been more beneficial in meeting the demands of sand and salt. With QuikShade® there are no concerns with sand getting stuck in reinforced cavities of struts and legs. We just give it a whack and it falls out ready for transporting to the next venue.

With the QuikShade® Australia brand it takes less energy to maintain, and I like that! Its simple and it works, every time, all the time…..

Bushy Mitchell
Event Operations Manager

Little Athletics – Sunnybank

“I have put up lots of brands of portable shelters for Little Athletics clubs over the years and I know you can see the difference between them. QuikShade® is our chosen brand because it’s stronger, sturdier, more stabilised in all weather conditions. It just doesn’t get tossed around in the wind. This means our investment and our kids are safe.”

Mal Currie – Equipment Manager

Sports Office Administrator

Dear Sir/Madam,

We have had our 4.5 x 3m QuikShade® for 4 years and have only just ordered our first spare part which was broken due to very heavy winds.

We use it for all our sports carnivals, representative events and Open Day (approx 10 times a year).

We love the QuikShade® because it is so easy to assemble, the advertising space is great and it is functional as well as practical.

Many Thanks
Di Chambers

Dear Jeremy,

I refer to our discussion this morning re. the above.  It amazes me that you can still supply a canopy for my QuikShade® even though it is 14 years old.  That’s a quality product for you!  My friends who have QuikShade® that are 12 & 16 years old will be pleased that most parts are still available.  Mine has withstood gale force winds & been blown over several times without any noticeable damage.  As my mate says ‘get what you pay for’!  The only gripe I have is the price. You still charge (July special) the same amount I paid 14 years ago!


Richard Gagie

Ormeau QLD 4208

- Richard Gagie

East Maitland Rotary have 2 QuikShade® marquees.

east-maitlandThey have serviced us for several years, being used every month at a local car parts retailer, exposed to extreme winds on roadside flower stalls and as shelter for a host of events. Once a year we borrow 5 other marquees – the quality difference between a QuikShade® and the others is clearly evident. This year we had to send one of the borrowed marquees to the dump after the wind turned it inside out, while the QuikShade® were left standing to the last minute as we trusted their strength. They are still as good today as the day we purchased them many years ago with the covers possibly due for replacement in the next 12 months – this is after about 8-10 years of use. A true ‘once in a lifetime investment.’ Brian Coffey.

- East Maitland Rotary Club


Just as no 2 beers are the same, nor are 2, 3m x 3m tents the same!  Especially the QuikShade®. Please take the time to read a few points about the ‘real’ differences, because it makes a world of difference to the end result of your investment.

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