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QuikShade, Folding Gazebos, Marquees, Pagodas, Instant Shades, PopUp Tents. Pit Tents – they are all the same aren’t they?

  • SALES Price seconds
  • Printed banners are cost effective
    Feather and Teardrop Banners designed just for you - no artwork charges
  • Protect your equipment with a Car Kubby
    Protect your equipment with a Car Kubby
  • Protect your bike with a Bike Kubby
    Protect your bike with a Bike Kubby
  • Motorsport Pit Tents
    Motorsport Pit Tents
  • Quality and reliability. Click here to find out more about the QuikShade range
    Quality and reliability. Click here to find out more about the QuikShade range
  • Exciting new range of Printed Table Covers
    Exciting new range of Printed Table Covers
  • Stumpy is ideal for the beach
    Stumpy is ideal for the beach

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People call them pit tents, folding gazebos, marquees, popup tents, pagodas, instant shades, quick shades – a lot of times the term “Quikshade” is used to describe these items. WHY?  It is probably because, QuikShade™ Australia have been making them since our first prototype in 1985,  but please don’t think that just any folding gazebo, marquee, popup tent, instant shade or quick shade is a QuikShade™, there is a vast difference between a QuikShade™ and  those imported products sold for $100.   If it doesn’t say QuikShade then it isn’t a proper Quikshade!

Want to use a shade as a Market Stall or another commercial use?

It is important to check what the warranty covers – some folding gazebos, marquees and instant shades are purchased to be used as Market Stalls.  QuikShade Australia only make and sell products that are of commercial quality and our warranty allows you to use them for this purpose.  However, not all suppliers of these types of product cover their use in a commercial environment – check the warranty ” Products used for a commercial nature are not covered by this warranty against defects” – means if you use it at a market or for any form of commercial use, then any defect is not covered.  With a 20 year Limited Lifetime Frame warranty from QuikShade – we have you covered!

QuikShade Quality

  • QuikShade do not use plastic in any structural component – inferior frames use plastic in critical load and stress bearing areas.  QuikShade use glass-reinforced nylon, injection molded in Queensland.
  • Our frames are made from Australian Aluminium (T5) to provide the necessary flexing.  Cheap frames often use powder coated steel, which is heavy and therefore has to be very thin – which leads to bends and breakages.
  • We make and assemble every frame in our factory in Casino – if you need a replacement part, then we have it.  The design of the frames and materials has not changed in over 20 years – you don’t change something that has stood the test of time.
  • Every QuikShade frame is hand tensioned before it is sent to our customers, every cover is custom fitted to the frame.
  • Cheap products use cheap materials – the fabric used for our covers has always been the best available.  Some imitations of our shades use fabric that is so thin, you can see daylight between the warp and weft of the fabric.
  •  Printing methods have changed over the years, we now use an offshore company that specialises in printed fabric, we have our own production line and quality control ensuring that your branding colours are true and lasting.
  • Once you own a QuikShade – you will understand why buying a QuikShade is a once in a lifetime investment!

Australian Made

QuikShade™ Australia instant portable shades and shelters have been protecting people and equipment against the harsh Australian climate for nearly 30 years. QuikShade™ Products are manufactured in Casino, NSW. QuikShade™ Australia will guarantee your satisfaction, saving you time and money, proved with a 20 year lifetime frame warranty.

We supply our folding gazebos and marquees all across Australia, so if you need a marquee in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin – call 1800 678 982

If QuikShade™ Australia have not met with your expectations, we will refund your Investment without hesitation. QuikShade™ Australia is a one-stop shop with Guaranteed results that only a manufacturer can supply.

  • 2 models in portable gazebos available to suit your requirements.
  • An investment you only have to make once in a lifetime.
  • Easy to operate lightweight portable folding gazebos.
  • Strong aluminum brackets.
  • Extensive range of sizes and colours to choose from.
  • Custom designed printing and branding available for canopy cover, walls, banners, and tablecovers
  • Custom sewing department to make walls with doors, windows, storm flaps
  • Money back Guarantee. 20 Year Limited Lifetime Frame Warranty.
  • Free Artwork design and proofs
folding gazebo from 1985

One of the very first QuikShade prototypes from 1985

folding gazebos and marquees since 1985

Original QuikShade folding marquee from 1985

Portable and Transportable Shelters and Shades for cars, bikes and scooters

If you are looking for a product to protect your car, motor bike, jet-ski, ATV, ride-on mower, or similar equipment, maybe a car port, garage or shed is the type of shelter that you would normally use.  Permanent structures are often expensive to construct, and some require planning consent or permission – QuikShade have a possible solution in the Car and Bike Kubbys.  Kubby Covers are the sole importer in Australia for these products and as an agent we can supply our customers with these products at the importers price.  Click here to visit the pages on Car and Bike Kubbys.



QuikShade Range of Folding Gazebos Sizes and Prices

Highest Quality and reliability. 20 Year Limited Lifetime Frame Warranty. QuikShade – the popup gazebo made in Australia since 1985. Range of sizes to choose from, plain and fully printed covers. FREE artwork design.


Quikshade Range

Please take the time to read a few points about the ‘real’ differences, because it makes a world of difference to the end result of your investment.

Golf Flags, Custom Designed and Printed

High quality full colour printing, no minimum quantity, Free artwork design.  Bring the WOW factor to your golf course with custom designed Golf Flags

Printed Table Covers – Prices from $185 inc GST

We can supply range of quality printed table covers in a variety of styles and sizes.

Motorsport – Quality Pit Tents and folding gazebos

Quality engineering, equipment you know you can rely on to work.  QuikShade – the only frame with a 20 year limited lifetime warranty. Accessories available include, printing on covers, walls, banners, add windows, doors and groundsheets.


For other forms of promotional branding, you can check out our Flags, Banners & Covers which will help increase brand exposure.


Need something a little more permanent? – Have a look at pagodas available from QuikShade.  Heavy Duty frames and covers.  Our QuikShade folding gazebos can be erected in under a minute – a pagoda will take longer, but it is can stay up for days, weeks or months.