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What Are Portable Pop Up Carports and Garages

Portable pop up carports are the ideal solution for storing and protecting your car, bike, ATV or Jet Ski.

For many years, we have been asked to supply QuikShades to people who intend using them as protection for their cars.  QuikShade portable pop up gazebos are not designed for this purpose – they are supplied and sold as temporary structures.

We are a distribution agent for Kubby Covers in Australia.  These products are designed for the purpose, available in Black or Grey rip stop 600d Coated Polyester fabric, which is UV resistant,with fully taped seams for waterproofing.

Initially the Kubbys will be available in small and large sizes, with more options to follow later in the year.  Although designed for Car and bike shelter,these Kubbys could be used for Quads, Rideon Mowers, Kids Bikes, re-locatable lawnlockers – perhaps you are planning on moving – when you go, you can take it with you.

The list of uses is endless – think about your needs and how this great product can solve your problems.  Do you have cats climbing on your car?  Worried about the hail storm coming? Bat and bird droppings? Paint fade?  Protect your investment with an affordable solution from Quikshade.

Items on this page are produced off-shore by a manufacturer selected by Quikshade, they are Not Australian Made Product.

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