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People call them pit tents, gazebos, marquees, popup tents, instant shades, quick shades – a lot of times the term “Quikshade” is used to describe these items. WHY?  It is probably because, QuikShade™ Australia have been making them since our first prototype in 1985,  but please don’t think that just any gazebo, marquee, popup tent, instant shade or quick shade is a QuikShade™, there is a vast difference between a QuikShade™ and  those imported products sold for $100.   If it doesn’t say QuikShade then it isn’t a proper Quikshade!

QuikShade™ Australia instant portable shades and shelters have been protecting people and equipment against the harsh Australian climate for nearly 30 years. QuikShade™ Products are manufactured in Casino, NSW. QuikShade™ Australia will guarantee your satisfaction in saving you time and money, proved with a 20 year lifetime warranty.

If QuikShade™ Australia have not met with your expectations, we will refund your Investment without hesitation. QuikShade™ Australia is a one-stop shop with Guaranteed results that only a manufacturer can supply.

  • 2 models in portable shades available to suit your requirements.
  • An investment you only have to make once in a lifetime.
  • Easy to operate lightweight portable shade.
  • Strong aluminum brackets.
  • Extensive range of sizes and colours to choose from.
  • Money back Guarantee. 20 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty.



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Quikshade Range

Please take the time to read a few points about the ‘real’ differences, because it makes a world of difference to the end result of your investment.