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Our Bike Shelter Touring – came naturally as an extension of our experience in Motorsports internationally, we call it our “Bike Kubby”. Severe weather and continued exposure are not the friends of performance vehicles.

We found a premium manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in design, development and creation of extreme weather camping tents. And from there produced an awesome bike shelter for our two-wheeled fanatics! Our collective experience in protecting lives and performance machines in severe outdoor conditions means we can offer a solution for protection of motorcycles in the harsh Australian environment.

Touring Bike Shelter – 2 Sizes – Great Protection!

The need for an affordable storage solution providing full protection from sun, hail, dust, and rain was clearly apparent.  Beyond a basic throw-over cover, there didn't seem to be much available on the market. Therefore, this was the reason we dedicated the time to develop an excellent motorcycle cover. Our bike shelters will give you the best protection at an affordable price.

It was our interest in touring bikes, manufacturing experience, and awareness of a definite need that inspired us to design, develop our retractable, waterproof, full protection – Bike Kubby!

Large Bike Kubby $359.70 inc GST plus freight to your postcode

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